All Tracks by Hans Zimmer

1.   Bump The E.

Written by Hans Zimmer, Sheila E.

Drums, Percussion by Sheila E.
Arranged, Remixed, Produced by Sheila E.

2.   Celebrate The Oscars

Written by Hans Zimmer

Guitar by Stephane Wrembel
Percussion by Sheila E.
Violin by Ann Marie Calhoun
Cello by Martin Tillman
Produced by Hans Zimmer

3.   D_Generation

Written by Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL

Arranged, Remixed, Produced by Junkie XL

4.   Giorgio's New Dancing Shoes

Written by Hans Zimmer, Giorgio Moroder

Arranged, Produced by Giorgio Moroder

5.   It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got Pharrell
6.   Oscar Sangamam

Written by Hans Zimmer, A. R. Rahman

Vocals, Arranged, Harpeji, Continuum Fingerboard, Produced by A. R. Rahman

7.   Sunrise On Bleecker Street

Written by Hans Zimmer, Esperanza Spalding

Vocals, Double Bass by Esperanza Spalding
Drums by J. R. Robinson
Percussion, Human Beatbox by Satnam Ramgotra
Saxophone by Dan Higgins
Violin by Ann Marie Calhoun
Guitar by George Doering
Keyboards by Randy Kerber
Arranged by Esperanza Spalding
Produced by Peter Asher

  • Total 0:24:18
  • Score 0:18:36
  • Hans 0:24:18
TV Show, 2012


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