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Back Lot Music

Cover of The Boss Baby - Music from the Motion Picture

Recording Credits

Music by Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro

Album Produced by Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro

Executive in Charge of Music for DreamWorks Animation: Sunny Park

Additional Music by Conrad Pope

Score Wrangler: Bob Badami

Music Editor: Shannon Erbe

Score Recorded by Geoff Foster

Score Mixed by Nathaniel Kunkel

Orchestrations by Òscar Senén and Joan Martorell

Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky

Score Production Supervisor: Charlene Ann Huang

Score Technical Consultant: Chuck Choi

Score Technical Engineer: Stephanie McNally

Score Recorded at Air Studios London

Digital Score Recordists: Laurence Anslow and Tom Bailey

Score Editor: Adam Miller

Additional Recordings at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica and Groove Masters, Santa Monica

Additional Recordings by Nathaniel Kunkel and Seth Waldmann

Score Overdubs Recorded by Rupert Coulson

Score Overdubs Supervised by Matt Dunkley

Score Mixed at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica

Score Assistant Engineers: Alex Ferguson, John Prestage and Tom Leach

Score Overdub Assistant Engineers: Alfredo Pasquel for Remote Control Productions

and Kevin Smith for Groove Masters

Score Mix Assistant Engineer: Alfredo Pasquel

Score Technical Assistant: Derrick Werlé

Digital Instrument Design: Mark Wherry

Sampling Team: Taurees Habib, Raul Vega and Drew Jordan

Studio Managers: Shalini Singh for Remote Control Productions

, Alison Burton for Air Studios

and Eric Lynn for Groove Masters

Music Manager: Tori Fillat

Music Coordinator: Sebastien Christie

Executive Assistant to Hans Zimmer: Cynthia Park

Music Clearances: Julie Butchko

Music Business Affairs: Kevin Breen, Philip Cohen and Emily Morchower

Music Consultant: Peter Asher

Album Mixed and Mastered by Nathaniel Kunkel at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica

Album Score Mix Assistant: Alfredo Pasquel

Executive in Charge of Back Lot Music: Mike Knobloch

Business Affairs for Back Lot Music: Tanya Perara

Production Director for Back Lot Music: Jake Voulgarides

Marketing Manager for Back Lot Music: Nikki Walsh

Package Design by Brian Porizek


Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths

Assistant Orchestra Contractor: Lucy Whalley

Orchestra Conducted by Gavin Greenaway

Orchestra Leader: Perry Montague-Mason

Librarian & Music Preparation: Jill Streater Global Music Service

Featured Soloists

Featured Artist: Jacob Collier

Featured Guitarist: Guthrie Govan

Featured Percussionist: Sheila E.

Cello: Tina Guo

Electric Bass Guitar: Yolanda Charles

Upright Bass: Andy Pask

Saxophone: Phil Todd

Clarinet: Nicholas Bucknall

Chromatic Harmonica: Philip Achille

Percussion: Satnam S. Ramgotra

Perry Montague-Mason, Emlyn Singleton, Patrick Kiernan, Boguslaw Kostecki, Julian Leaper, Mark Berrow, John Bradbury, Jackie Shave, Everton Nelson, Peter Hanson, Emil Chakalov, Roger Garland, Alison Kelly, Simon Baggs, Magnus Johnston, Daniel Bhattacharya, Christina Emanuel, Ian Humphries, Jonathan Evans-Jones, Sue Briscoe, Oli Langford, Richard George, Pauline Lowbury, Tom Pigott-Smith, Debbie Preece, Gaby Lester, Cathy Thompson, Liz Edwards, Julian Tear, Ben Hancox, Manon Derome, Dai Emanuel, Sonia Slany, Jackie Hartley and Clio Gould

Peter Lale, Rachel Bolt, Martin Humbey, Kate Musker, Julia Knight, Richard Cookson, Paul Cassidy, Helen Kamminga, Gillianne Haddow, Reiad Chibah, Rachel Roberts, Sue Dench, Edward Vanderspar and Rebecca Carrington

Caroline Dale, Dave Daniels, Tony Lewis, Jonathan Williams, Chris Worsey, Ian Burdge, Caroline Dearnley, Paul Kegg, Tim Gill, Vicky Matthews, Tony Woollard, Bozidar Vukotic, John Heley, Tim Lowe, Will Schofield, Sophie Harris and Jonathan Tunnell

Basses: Mary Scully, Allen Walley, Steve Mair, Roger Linley, Andy Pask, Steve Williams, Richard Pryce, Paul Kimber, Ben Russell and Andy Marshall

Flutes: Karen Jones, Anna Noakes, Helen Keen and Nina Robertson

Piccolos: Helen Keen and Nina Robertson

Alto Flute: Nina Robertson

Oboes: Gareth Hulse, Jane Marshall and Janey Miller

Oboe d'Amore: Gareth Hulse

Cor Anglais: Jane Marshall

Bb Clarinets: Nicholas Bucknall, Paul Richards and Dave Fuest

Ab Piccolo Clarinet: Nicholas Bucknall

Bass Clarinet / Bb Contrabass: Dave Fuest

Bassoons: Sarah Burnett, Stephen Maw and Rachel Simms

Contrabassoon: Rachel Simms

Alto / Tenor / Baritone Sax: Phil Todd

French Horns: Richard Watkins, John Thurgood, Martin Owen, Michael Thompson, Philip Eastop, Richard Berry, Phil Woods, Corrine Bailey and Hugh Sisley

Trumpets: Alistair Mackie, Jason Evans, Kate Moore, Phil Cobb and Paul Mayes

Tenor Trombones: Andy Wood, Mark Nightingale, Richard Edwards, Ed Tarrant and Amos Miller

Bass Trombones: Roger Argente, Dave Stewart, Dave Vines and Ed Tarrant

Tubas: Owen Slade and Pete Smith

Harps: Skaila Kanga and Camilla Pay

Piano / Celeste: Simon Chamberlain

Timpani: Bill Lockhart

Percussion: Frank Ricotti, Gary Kettel and Paul Clarvis

Funk Brass

Funk Brass Conductor: Matt Dunkley

Librarian: Ann Barnard

Alto Saxophones: Phil Todd and Howard McGill

Tenor Saxophones: Adrian Revell and Stan Sulzmann

Baritone Sax: Dave Bishop

Trumpets: Tom Rees-Roberts, Tom Walsh and Mike Lovatt

Tenor Trombones: Andy Wood, Trevor Mires and Alistair White

Bass Trombone: Andy Wood

Disco Violins

Disco Violins: Perry Montague-Mason, Emlyn Singleton, Patrick Kiernan, Boguslaw Kostecki, Everton Nelson, Mark Berrow, John Bradbury and Jackie Shave


London Voices

Co-Choirmasters: Ben Parry and Terry Edwards

Conductor: Ben Parry

Jacqueline Barron, Mary Carewe, Natalie Clifton Griffith, Sarah Eyden, Joanna Goldsmith, Alison Hill, Katy Hill, Dani May, Philippa Murray, Ann de Renais, Christina Sampson and Elizabeth Swain

Catherine Backhouse, Amy Blythe, Helen Brookes, Hannah Cooke, Clemmie Franks, Vanessa Heine, Freya Jacklin, Jo Marshall, Lucy Potterton, Judy Rees, Clara Sanabras and Melanie Sanders

Garth Bardsley, Harvey Brough, Richard Eteson, Oliver Griffiths, Nicholas Hurndall Smith, Benedict Hymas, Matthew Long, Henry Moss, Gerald O'Beirne, Julian Alexander Smith, Gareth Treseder and Richard Edgar Wilson

Nicholas Ashby, Neli Bellingham, Ben Bevan, Michael Dore, John Evanson, Edward Grint, Nicholas Garrett, Tobias Hug, Oliver Hunt, Christopher Jay Neale, Nigel Short and Mark Williams

Jazz Choir Metro Voices

Jazz Choirmaster: Jenny O'Grady

Jazz Choir Conductor: Matt Dunkley

Singers: Joanna Forbes, Sarah Eyden, Rachel Weston, Heather Cairncross, Oliver Griffiths, C J Neale, Michael Dore and Nicholas Garrett

Gospel Choir

Gospel Choir Contractor: Edie Lehmann Boddicker

Singers: Edi Lehmann Boddicker, Denise Garite, Carmen Carter, Missi Hale, Nayanna Holley, Clydene Jackson, Briana Lee, Tiffany Palmer and Toni Scruggs

Hans Zimmer & Steve Mazzaro Thank:
Jeffrey Katzenberg, Leonardo Baldwin, Carmen Baldwin, Rafael Baldwin, Bonnie Arnold, Mireille Soria, Tom McGrath, Ramsey Naito, James Ryan, Sunny Park, Jim Beshears, Charlene Huang, Tori Fillat, Sebastien Christie, Kaspar Hugentobler, Paul Ottosson, David Yanover, Gretchen Heieck, Jake Voulgarides, Nikki Walsh, Jean Mazzaro, Rod Mazzaro, Urs Heckmann, Candace Carlo, Jillian Abood, John Witt Chapman, Forest Christenson, BeBe Lerner, Rae Murillo, The ID Team, Ryan Ouchida, Chris Strong, Brigitte Zimmer, Vicki Zimmer, Suzanne Zimmer, Zoë Zimmer, Jake Zimmer, Max Zimmer and Annabel Zimmer

Movie, 2017
directed by Tom McGrath


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