Black Rain
5:22 min
Written by
Hans Zimmer

Notes on this track

The accelerated heartbeat from the previous cue continues, unused in the film. After Nick and Charlie are assigned their (less-than thrilled) local guide, the music blasts them like a gunshot out onto the night streets of Osaka, sirens blaring. Accompanying them into the film’s central central nightclub, the score reflects the neon blue and elegant women populating the place. As Nick walks past a Japanese woman in a black sequin dress (Miyuki Ono), Zimmer introduces a motif that uses the first notes of the Dies Irae, a motif that is later developed into a full theme for Sugai and the crime world this woman represents – giving melodic shape to much of the score’s action. „Sato Pt. 2“ plays it cool as Nick lights up a cigarette and looks around the nightclub, watching the sequined woman being escorted out. Nick’s theme makes its first appearance here, strummed with bravado. While Nick pumps the helpfully omniscient Joyce for information about Sato and the yakuza, a measured statement of the Sugai theme plays over an exhaling synth pattern. Zimmer slowly begins to play with and develop one of the score’s catchiest ideas. „Who knows about this?“ Nick asks about the turf war he’s stumbled into, as the Osaka theme bubbles ominously in the low register. „Counting you and me?“ replies Joyce, „11 million“.