Black Rain
5:35 min
Written by
Hans Zimmer

Notes on this track

The dynamic begins to turn between Nick and Masa, and Zimmer scores the latter’s gentle lecture about integrity with a teary panpipe intro to Nick’s theme. The melody continues tenderly, backed by bongos, as the camera pans to Nick and Masa back at their stakeout. They see their woman emerge from the building, and an excited rhythm commences a virtuoso exploration of the Sugai theme. Zimmer’s knack for crafting a catchy, accelerating foot chase – a modern example would be „Mombasa“ from Inception – is on full display here, as he mounts anticipation with percussion and chord fragments before indulging in a pulsating statement of the melody. As Nick and Masa follow the woman to the point of „making the switch“, then pursue one of Sato’s henchmen to the steel mill, Zimmer develops the idea, creates tension with an interlude, then takes another step up with the theme. With Nick and Masa running out into a horde of khaki-dressed cyclists, a primitive, pounding ostinato is introduced, and the cue fades out as they enter the mill.