Black Rain
6:21 min
Written by
Hans Zimmer

Notes on this track

Percussion hits rattle while Nick pulls a gun on Sato and his men, inciting a scrap. Nick blows up a motorcycle and, like a good action hero, runs through the flames – the percussion and synth effects intensifying. Back on the streets, Zimmer scores the chase with a throttling rhythm over a deep bass line. Nick is held by the Japanese police as Sato gets away, and told he is getting on a plane back to America. A soldierly trumpet plays over Zimmer’s hammering synth chords, Masa looking on with regret. Nick’s theme plays on ichigenkin as he looks out the airplane window to see Charlie’s casket being loaded into the cargo hold. The cue’s heart rate quickens under Nick’s undaunted escape through the plane’s mechanized dumbwaiter, and the militaristic ostinato follows him off the tarmac and back to Masa’s apartment.