Black Rain
8:52 min
Written by
Hans Zimmer

Notes on this track

With help from Joyce, Nick approaches Sugai at his hangout on the third floor of a driving range. The Osaka theme is briefly stated, and the score turns uncomfortably menacing while Nick is held by his jacket with one foot off the platform. Plashing keyboard takes us outside Sugai’s house, where pouring rain accentuates the topic being discussed within. Music plays in a sinister mood under Nick and Sugai’s repartee by a roaring fireplace, the Osaka theme fluttering on a low panpipe. The theme slithers beneath Sugai’s monologue about the atom bomb and his aftermath, how it’s resulting black rain spawned a hatred of America and the creation of Sato. Nick makes a deal with Sugai to catch Sato, and a loud burst cuts to Nick being dropped off in the rolling farmlands later that night. He is given a rifle and a few rounds, and the Sugai motif flares as Nick cocks the gun. The primitive ostinato drives Nick thorugh the fields to his destination.