Black Rain
3:20 min
Written by
Hans Zimmer

Notes on this track

This is the epic climax in a whole different guise – like an unabashed club dance track – and in it the seeds of Zimmer’s massively influential 90s action sound can be heard sprouting. The pounding ostinato is given a workout and expands tonally, leaping up to each new chord. Syncopated percussion gives the action cue a pop-influenced form, with more internal logic. Electric guitar is added with a more melodic function rather than just to provide the noise of chaos. Amped-up synth and electric guitar propel the Osaka melody, there are additional statements of Nick’s theme, and a straining, spiraling figuration that leads to what is essentially a bridge. The cue continues to rock out with hotshot electric guitar, and fades out on the note-climbing ostinato.