A World Apart


Milan Records (1988)

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Liner Notes

The Story

We are in South Africa, in 1963, safe within the shells of a white society built on black oppression. But despite the brutal attentions of the security police, the outlawed African National Congress is gaining ground. As yet only a tiny minority of whites give their support to the Anti-Apartheid cause, among them Diana and Gus Roth (Barbara Hershey and Jeroen Krabbé). Like her husband, Diana is a courageous and uncompromising journalist, who openly associates with the dissidents. But when her husband is forced to go into hiding, she finds she has a little time for her daughter Molly (Jodhi May), who feels neglected as a result. It is through Molly's 13-year-old eyes that the story develops. Through preoccupied with the usual interests of a girl of her age, Molly is far from unaware of the dramatic events that encompass her life. Her parents' black friends are also her own, and she is deeply upset by her classmates' taunts that her missing father is a traitor. With her mother so often away at meetings and demonstrations, Molly's sole comfort is her best friend Yvonne (Nadine Chalmers). The harsh realities of South African life are brought home to Molly when her mother is arrested under the notorious newly inroduced 90-day detention act. Even Yvonne abandons her now – her deeply conservative parents pressure her into disassociating herself from a family seen by the neighbours as dangerous extremists. To ease the strain on her grand-mother (Yvonne Bryceland), who is looking after her younger sister, Molly becomes a boarder at school. But here again her feelings of loneliness and isolation serve only to imprison her as securely as her mother's detention in a cramped and dirty cell. Despite hellish and humiliating conditions, Diana Roth has steadfastly refused to divulge any information to the bullying security men. But the interrogations, the threats and the emotional blackmail concerning her family take their toll. Close to breaking point she is released from prison; she is immediately re-arrested for another ninety days. Diana is afraid that she will betray her allies and in the end she attempts suicide. She is released, but placed under 24-hour arrest, and is constantly harassed by the police. Now reunited with her daughters again after the long months of solitary confinement, she at least realises the depth of Molly's yearning for love. Molly, her attitudes reshaped by what she has seen for herself in the townships, begins to understand more fully the strength of her parents' con victions. Reconciled at last, they defy the authorities by attending the funeral of a black activist. As a helicopter hovers overhead, and the police fire tears gas into the crowd of mourners, they stand side by side at the grave, their arms raised aloft in a gesture of defiant solidarity – with their black comrads, with their fellow activists, and with each other.

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Cover of A World Apart - A World Apart

Recording Credits

Music Composed and Produced by Hans Zimmer

With the Assistance of Al Clay, Brian Gulland, Gavin Wright, Chris Menges, Shawn Slovo and Judy Freeman

Technical Assistance by Dave Smith and Howard Bernstein

Music Recorded at Lillie Yard Studio, CTS Studios, Lansdowne Studios, Hot Food Studio and Snakeranch Studios in London

Music Recorded by Judy Freeman in Bulawoya

Musicians Coordinated by Tonia Davall

Music Mixed and Produced by Al Clay and Hans Zimmer at Lillie Yard

With Remote Guidance by Chris Menges, Judy Freeman and Shawn Slovo

Equipment Supplied by Syco Systems and Yamaha

Thanks to Steve Paine and Alan Martin for high-tech support

Many thanks to Sarah Radclyffe, Tim Bevan, Graham Bradstreet, Fiona , Morhan and Caroline Hewitt and all at Working Title

Thanks to Emma Burnham, Sally Downing, Vicki Zimmer and Zoë Zimmer for all the support, well beyond the call of duty

Special thanks to Chris Menges, Shawn Slovo and Sarah Radclyffe for being such good friends and such a great team to work with. Laluta Continua!

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Written by Hans Zimmer


Written by Hans Zimmer


Written by Hans Zimmer

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Movie, 1988
directed by Chris Menges


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