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Milan Records (1995)

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Liner Notes

From Rain Man to The Lion King or Black Rain, Backdraft and Thelma & Louise, Hans Zimmer's career has been that of a shooting star.

Hans was born in 1957 in Frankfurt. He was introduced to music at a very early age: when he was three, he attended classical concerts and began practicing on the family piano. Within two weeks of having started lessons, his piano teacher gave up trying. At six, Hans already knew "he wanted to become a composer".

Twenty years later, after having studied in England, Hans Zimmer joined Air Edel to write advertising jingles. He made an acquaintance there that would later turn out to be his ticket to entry in the music world. His name was Stanley Myers. He recalls: "I was his assistance, and thanks to him I really learned to appreciate all the various aspects of orchestral music. Actually all the films Stanley did not have the time to work on, I would begin for him." Hans Zimmer explains how from then on he was attracted to synthetic music: "I think", he says, "because I come from the rock and roll world that I am not a classical musician. In such a world it is considered a good idea to make use of technology. Indeed, it is difficult to harbour an orchestra at home, and yet that is exactly what you can do by using technology. Besides, all that is very easy for me: some may have no affinity with computers, whereas I am on rather good terms with all these machines". (laughs)

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Cover of Beyond Rangoon - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Recording Credits

Music Composed by Hans Zimmer

Ethnic Pipes: Richard Harvey

Score Engineer: Paul Hulme

Digital God: Ian Sylvester

Orchestration by Fiachra Trench and Nick Glennie-Smith

Conducted by Nick Glennie-Smith

Additional Engineering: Michael Stevens

Assistant to Hans Zimmer: Marc Streitenfeld

Music Editor: Adam Smalley

Recorded at The Snake Ranch and Air Studios / Lyndhurst, London

Special Thanks to
John Boormann, Isabella Boormann, Lola Boormann, Maggie Rodford, James Golfar, Patricia Golfar, Bob Daspit, Carmel McMahon-Trench, Zoë Zimmer, Suzanne Zimmer and Steinberg Cubase

Score Produced by Hans Zimmer and Adam Smalley

Package Supervision: Carol N'Guyen-Lang and Chris Maguire

Album Art Direction: Nathalie Delauney and Judy Kaganowich

Milan Executive Producers: Emmanuel Chamboredon and Toby Pieniek

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  • Total 0:37:46
  • Score 0:37:46
  • Hans 0:37:46
Movie, 1995
directed by John Boorman


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