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Written by Mark James

Performed by Elvis Presley


Written by Vangelis

  • Total 1:33:48
  • Score 1:15:40
  • Hans 1:13:30

Epic Records (2017)

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Cover of Blade Runner 2049 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Cover of Blade Runner 2049 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Recording Credits

Music by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch

Soundtrack Album Produced by Michael Hodges, Ashley Culp and Kayla Morrison

Music Supervision by Deva Anderson

Music Editors: Clint Bennett and Ryan Rubin

Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky

Synth Programming: Hans Zimmer

Synth Design: Howard Scarr

Vocalist: Avi Kaplan

Exotic Instruments: Chas Smith

Cello, Vocals: Tristan Schulze

Cello: Simone Vitucci

Guitars: Owen Gurry

Technical Score Engineer: Chuck Choi

Digital Instrument Design: Mark Wherry

Sampling Team: Taurees Habib and Raul Vega

Score Technical Assistants: Max Sandler and Nate Underkuffler

Score Mastering by Alan Meyerson

Score Mastering Assistant: Forest Christenson

Score Mixed at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica, CA

Studio Manager for Remote Control Productions: Shalini Singh

Assistant to Hans Zimmer: Cynthia Park

Tears in the Rain

Written by Evanghelos Papathanassiou

Almost Human

Written by Lauren Daigle, Kayla Morrison, Michael Hodges, Gerald Trottman and Ghian Wright

Produced by Michael Hodges

Vocal Production: Kayla Morrison

Keyboard & Percussion Programming: Gerald Trottman

Additional Programming: Ghian Wright, Michael Hodges and Scott Fritz

Grand Piano: Gerald Trottman

Vocals: Lauren Daigle

Background Vocals: Lauren Daigle and Michael Hodges

Mixing Engineer: Ghian Wright

Second Mixing Engineer: Samy Isaza

Mastering: Eric Boulangeer (The Bakery, Los Angeles, CA)

Executive Album Producer: Andrew Kosove, Broderick Johnson, Scott Parish and Ken Caillat

Soundtrack Album Mastered by Ghian Wright (Sleeping Giant Studios, Los Angeles, CA)

and Eric Boulangeer (The Bakery, Los Angeles, CA)

Business Affairs: Anne Jordan and Scott Edell

Creative Music Manager: Lauren Morrison

Licensing and Clearance: Christine Bergren and Ali Levy

Production Accounting: Marilyn Fulbright and Jessica Urven

Executive Assistant: Hunter Norman

Sony Music Film & TV A&R: Tom MacKay

Epic Business Affairs: Stephanie Yu, Shane St. Hill and Robert Faulstich

Epic Marketing: David Bell and Franz De Los Reyes

Epic Commerce: Celine Joshua and Chelsea Donnarumma

Epic Publicity: Melissa Victor-Burkhardt

Epic Digital Marketing: Lisa Kasha and Jamie Crawford-Walker

Epic Creative Director, Art Director & Design: Anita Marisa Boriboon

Movie, 2017
directed by Denis Villeneuve


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