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Written by Philador

Arranged by Jordi Savall
Performed by Le Concert des Nations


Arranged by Jordi Savall
Performed by Hespèrion XX


Written by Kassel

Arranged by Jordi Savall
Performed by Le Concert des Nations

  • Total 1:01:19
  • Score 0:52:35
  • Hans 0:52:35

Sony Classical (2010)

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Cover of Henri 4 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Recording Credits

Music composed by Henry Jackman and Hans Zimmer

Album produced by Henry Jackman

Music Editor: Jack Dolman

Featured Soloists:

Woodwinds: Chris Bleth

Countertenor: Ryland Angel

Violin: Noah Sorota

Vocals: Lili Haydn

Guitar: Katia Lewin

Bassoon: Bob Carr

Score recorded by Nick Wollage

Score mixed by Alan Meyerson

Orchestra conducted by Gavin Greenaway

Orchestrator: Stephen Coleman

Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths

Assistant Orchestra Contractor: Lucy Whalley

Technical Score Engineer: Jack Dolman

Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky

Principal Violin: Perry Montague-Mason

Principal Viola: Peter Lale

Principal and Solo Cello: Anthony Pleeth

Principal Bass: Mary Scully

Principal Flute: Karen Jones

Principal Clarinet: Nicholas Bucknall

Principal Oboe: David Theodore

Principal Horn: Michael Thompson

Principal Tenor Trombone: Mike Hext

Principal Bass Trombone: Dave Stewart

Synthesizers: Henry Jackman

Technical Assistant: Jack Dolman

Album mastered by Alan Meyerson

Additional Engineering: Jeffrey Biggers

Assistent Engineer: Adam Schmidt

Music Preparation: Jill Streater London, UK

Score recorded at Air Lyndhurst, London, UK

Hans Zimmer would like to thank:
Regina Ziegler, Hartmut Köhler, Rolfe Budde, Jo Baier, Henry Jackman, Jack Dolman, Steven Kofsky, Thomas Broderick, Ronni Chasen, Michael Gorfaine, Jeff Sanderson, Sam Schwartz, Andrew Zack, Suzanne Zimmer, Mini Z's and Zoë Zimmer

Henry Jackman would like to thank:
Hans Zimmer, Regina Ziegler, Hartmut Köhler, Rolfe Budde, Jo Baier, Claus Wehlisch, Cooky Ziesche, Constantin Brodt, Dominik Bollen, Stefan Korte, Steve Kofsky, Gavin Greenaway, Stephen Coleman, Nick Wollage, Alan Meyerson, Jack Dolman, Matthew Margeson, Noah Sorota, Pete Adams, Benjamin Wallfisch, Chris Bleth, Ryland Angel, Lili Haydn, Katia Lewin, Bob Carr, Andrew Zack, Jill Streater, Chris Barrett, Jeffrey Biggers, Adam Schmidt, Andrew Kawczynski, Daniel Kresco, Sam Estes, Czarina Russell, Shalini Singh, Melissa Mandim, Meg Estes, Jacob Shea, Tom Broderick, Pete Snell, Alison Burton, Isobel Griffiths, Lucy Whalley, Dan Pinder, Adam Smalley and Ralph Jackman

Movie, 2010
directed by Jo Baier


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