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Written by Hans Zimmer

Piano Solo by Lang Lang


Written by Lorne Balfe

Piano Solo by Lang Lang


Written by Hans Zimmer, Paul Mounsey, John Powell

Piano Solo by Lang Lang


Written by Lorne Balfe


Written by Carl Douglas

Performed by The Vamps
Produced by The Vamps

  • Total 1:09:26
  • Score 0:59:22
  • Hans 0:52:28

Sony Classical (2016)

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Liner Notes

Music is emotion. It reaches out to the audience and drives them to feel what the characters feel, and to be with those characters in every high and low of their journey. When done by a master like Hans Zimmer, it creates a presence all its own that can bring an audience to tears, or make them cheer in triumph. For many weeks we'd sit in Hans' man lair, a carved gothic library filled with art and musical instruments worthy of a museum, and watch him work. He and Lorne Balfe crafted something beautiful, ethnic, and epic. They make you feel the wonder of seeing pandas for the first time, and of Po getting finally fly as the Dragon Warrior. They made the world bigger, funnier, and definitely more badass. Thanks to them and we hope you enjoy.
Jen and Ale

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Cover of Kung Fu Panda 3 - Music From the Motion Picture

Recording Credits

Music by Hans Zimmer

Kung Fu Panda Themes by Hans Zimmer and John Powell

Father and Son Theme by Lorne Balfe

Score Includes Portion of "I'm So Sorry" by Imagine Dragons written by Daniel Reynolds, Daniel Sermon, Benjamin McKee and Daniel Platzman published by Songs of Universal, Inc. / Songs for Kidinakorner / Imagine Dragons Publishing (BMI)

Featured Soloists

Piano Solos by Lang Lang

Cello: Jian Wang

Pipa: Wu Man

Erhu, Zhonghu, Gaohu: Guo Gan

Erhu, Zhonghu, Gaohu: Karen Hua-Qui Han Ottosson

Guzheng: Cynthia Hsiang


Perry Montague-Mason, Emlyn Singleton, Oli Langford, Christina Emanuel, Patrick Kiernan, Rita Manning, Mark Berrow, Philippa Ibbotson, Roger Garland, Warren Zielinski, Boguslaw Kostecki, Ian Humphries, Emil Chakalov, Jim McLeod, Jackie Hartley, Dai Emanuel, Maciej Rakowski, Liz Edwards, Everton Nelson, Cathy Thompson, Jackie Shave, Simon Baggs, Magnus Johnston, Martin Burgess, Paul Willey, John Bradbury, Daniel Bhattacharya, Lorraine McAslan, Katherine Mayes, Kathy Gowers, Pete Hanson, Sue Briscoe, Jonathan Evans-Jones and Alison Dods

Peter Lale, Bruce White, Don McVay, Andy Parker, Phil D'Arcy, Clive Howard, Paul Cassidy, Gillianne Haddow, Reiad Chibah, Kate Musker, Rachel Bolt, Vicci Wardman, Ian Rathbone, Rusen Gunes, Roger Chase and George Robertson

Tim Gill, Jonathan Williams, Dave Daniels, Anthony Lewis, Nick Cooper, Paul Kegg, Ian Burdge, Frank Schaefer, Bozidar Vukotic, John Heley, Tony Woollard, Adrian Bradbury, Jonny Byers, Katherine Jenkinson and Jacky Thomas

Basses: Mary Scully, Allen Walley, Steve Mair, Steve Williams, Richard Pryce, Paul Kimber, David Johnson, Beverly Jones and Andy Marshall

Flutes Piccolo: Eliza Marshall, Anna Noakes and Siobhan Grealy

Oboes: Rosie Jenkins, Ruth Bolister and Jane Marshall

Bb Clarinets: Jon Carnac, Anthony Pike, Dave Fuest and Martin Robertson

Bassoons: Richard Skinner, Stephen Maw, Elizabeth Trigg and Rachel Simms

French Horns:
Martin Owen, Nigel Black, Nicholas Korth, John Thurgood, Philip Eastop, Phil Woods, Richard Berry, High Sisley, David Pyatt, Michael Thompson and Corinne Bailey

Trumpets: Andy Crowley, Kate Moore, Simon Munday and Paul Mayes

Tenor Trombones: Mark Nightingale and Ed Tarrant

Bass Trombones: Richard Edwards, Dave Vines and Andy Wood

Tuba: Owen Slade

Percussion: Frank Ricotti, Gary Kettel and Chris Baron

Drums: Ash Soan

Percussion Solos: Sheila E. and Satnam Ramgotra

Electric Cello: Peter Gregson

World Woodwinds: Papa Ginou

Guzheng / Pipa / Dulcimers: Vivian Milanova

Harp / Koto: Hu Mee

Additional Vocals: Al Clay, Dee Lewis Clay, Czarina Russell, Kim Chandler, Joe West, Martin Slattery and Antony Genn


London Choir: Metro Voices

Conducted by Matt Dunkley

Choirmaster: Jenny O'Grady

Alice Fearn, Ann de Renais, Anne Maria Cullum, Caroline Fitzgerald, Catherine Bott, Eleonor Bowers, Jolley Eleanor Meynell, Elizabeth Tiley, Emma Brain Gabbott, Emily Caulderwood, Grace Davidson, Helen Hobson, Helen Power, Ildiko Allen, Jacqueline Barron, Joanna Forbes, Juliet Schiemann, Kirsty Hoiles, Laura Bursey, Lucy Grorrioch, Nicki Kenedy Rosemary Forbes Butler, Sarah Eyden and Sarah Ryan

Alexandra Gibson, Catriana Sanderson, Claire Henry, Chloe Morgan, Harriet Syndercombe Court, Helen Brooks, Helen Parker, Helen Templeton, Jacqui Taylor, Jenny O'Grady, Kate Batter, Kate Bishop, Lana Walker, Lindsay Ashworth, Lucy Ballard, Morag MacKay, Nicola Beckley, Pippa Duffy, Rachel Weston, Rebecca Trehearn, Ruth Kiang, Vanessa Heine, Wendy Neiper and Yona Dunsford

Tenors: Alistair Brookshaw, Andrew Busher, Ben Alwyn Francis, Ben Fleetwood Smyth, CJ Neale, Simon Davies and Tom Pearce

Andrew Playfoot, David Porter Thomas, Don Greig, James Mawson, Lawrence Wallington, Lawrence White, Michael Dore, Neil Bellingham, Paul Greir, Peter Snipp, Simon Grant and Stephen Weller

China Choir: Shanghai Roxi Music Studio Choirs

Conducted by Eric Whitacre

Choirmasters: Army Wang and Apple Hu

Kung Fu Fighting Chinese Lyric Translations by He Qiling

Guofeng Wang, Zirong Wang, Yu Fang, Chaojun Zhang, Lijie Sun, Zhenying Ding, Mengying Yu, Rui Zhang, Manting Nian, Kailun Ding, Bowen Wang, Ling Shi, Apple Hu, Kejia Li, Xiang Li, Xiaoli Fu, Jun Ni, Jia Tian, Ningning Zou, Mengtian Ning, Fu Zhu, Xiaoge Zhao, Lin Yang, Jingwen Ye, Yun Lu, Jiaqian Chen, Shun Wang, Minglong Wang, Yubing Wang, Hao Lan, Yizhi Sun, Mengyu Xu, Xiaoxiang Yu and Siyuan Wang

Executive in Charge of Music for DreamWorks Animation: Sunny Park

Score and Soundtrack Album Produced by Lorne Balfe

Additional Music by Paul Mounsey

Music Editor: Adam Smalley

Assistant Music Editor: Catherine Wilson

Score Recorded by Geoff Foster

Score Mixed by Alan Meyerson

Orchestrations by Òscar Senén and Joan Martorell

Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky

Score Production Supervisor: Charlene Ann Huang

Score Technical Engineers: Chuck Choi, Stephanie McNally, Max Aruj and Steffen Thum

Score Recorded at Air Studios, London

Score Recordist: Chris Barrett

London Choir Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London

London Choir Recorded by Sam Okell

Digital Recordist: Matt Mysko

China Choir Recorded at Shanghai Broadcast Building Studio

China Choir Recorded by Mo Jiawei

Percussion Recorded by Jon Bailey

Drums Recorded by Adam Miller

Digital Recordist: Laurence Anslow

Score Editors: Fiona Cruickshank and Chris Barrett

Additional Arrangements by Stephen Hilton and Nathan Wang

Additional Recordings at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica; Studio 124, Paris; Leading Digital Post, Shanghai

Additional Recordings by Alan Meyerson, Seth Waldmann, John Witt Chapman, Claude Samard-Polikar and Mike Xu

Overdub Music Producer: Germaine Franco

Overdub Music Preparation: Booker White

Score Mixed at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica

Score Assistant Engineers: John Witt Chapman, Forest Christenson, Alfredo Pasquel, Alvin Wee, Tom Leach, Alex Ferguson and Stefano Civetta

Score Technical Assistants: Joe Cho, Jacqueline Friedberg, Julian Pastorelli, Lauren Bousfield and Sydney Harrison

Studio Manager for Remote Control Productions: Shalini Singh

Studio Manager for Air Studios: Alison Burton

Studio Manager for Abbey Road Studios: Colette Barber

Music Manager: Tori Fillat

Music Coordinator: Sebastien Christie

Executive Assistant to Hans Zimmer: Cynthia Park

Assistant to Paul Mounsey: Czarina Russell

Music Clearances: Julie Butchko

Music Business Affairs: Kevin Breen, Philip Cohen and Emily Morchower

Music Consultant: Peter Asher

Chinese Music Consultants: Roc Chen and Nathan Wang

Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths

Assistant Orchestra Contractor: Lucy Whalley

Orchestra Conducted by Gavin Greenaway

Booth Reader: Thomas Farnon

Librarian and Music Preparation: Jill Streater Global Music Service

Additional Librarian: Andrew Green

Soundtrack Wranglers for DreamWorks Animation: Tori Fillat and Debbie Luner

Album Mastered by Gavin Lurssen at Lurssen Mastering

Booklet Editing & Design: WLP Ltd

Sony Classical Licensing: Mark Cavell

Sony Classical Production Development: Klara Korytowska

Hans Zimmer Thanks:
Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jennifer Yuh Nelson, Alessandro Carloni, Melissa Cobb, Clara Knight, Bonnie Arnold, Mireille Soria, Ann Daly, Sunny Park, Charlene Ann Huang, Julie Butchko, Tori Fillat, Sebastien Christie, Emily Morchower, Germaine Franco, Urs Heckmann, Candace Carlo, Jillian Abood, BeBe Lerner, Rae Murillo, The ID Team, Ryan Ouchida, Chris Strong, Derrick Werlé, Zoë Zimmer, Jake Zimmer, Max Zimmer and Annabel Zimmer

Additional Thanks:
Holly Ackerman, Didi Adawi, Jon Anderson, Greg Baldwin, Lisa Baldwin, Melissa Baldwin, Jim Beshears, Andy Birch, Earl Blackburn, Max Boas, Liza Breuninger, Brandon Brown, Prashant Buyyala, Anne-Marie Cajigas, Laura Carrillo, Jean-Jacques Cesbron, Rafael Chaidez, Robin Chandler, Andy Chandra, Andrew Chang, Toto Chang, Daniel Chun, Dave Dinsmore, Kim Fast, James Fong, Kathleen Fredrickson, Jennifer Frey, Jim Gallagher, Linda Grant, David Hail, Kendall Haney, Jeff Hermann, Susy Ho, Joanna Hu, Kaspar Hugentobler, Paul Iannicelli, Chloe Jarman, Kitty Jiang, Kelly Johnson, Stuart Jones, Nathaniel Kunkel, Richard LaForge, Brian Lambert, Alison Lima, Frank Liwall, Claire Long, Darrin Ly, Charlotte Matthews, Lucy Matthews, Daniela Mazzucato, Ian Morton, Alison Nethsingha, Brian Nowakowski, Katherine O'Connor, La Peikang, Camille Phillips, Alexander Plitt, Mary Quinn, Michele Reed, Mac Reynolds, Sean Rosen, Li Ruigang, Christina Schweitzer, Tim Sexton, Michelle Staphylas, Allison Stauth, Jennifer Talluto, Joni Torres, Vince Villanueva, Jesse Warshal, Josh Wood, Sijie Xiang, Kitty Xu, JR Wang, David Yanover, Angelique Yen, Emma Ge, YuAlex Zhao and Raymond Zibach

Original Score Published by DWA Sings (ASCAP)

© 2016 DreamWorks Animation LLC

Motion Picture Title and Artwork © 2016 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Compilation Ⓟ 2016 DreamWorks Animation LLC, under exclusive license to Sony Classical, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

Movie, 2016
directed by Jennifer Yuh


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