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Back Lot Music (08/03/2024)

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Cover of Kung Fu Panda 4 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Recording Credits

Music Composed by Hans Zimmer and Steve Mazzaro

Music Editor: Ryan Rubin

Score Recording Engineer: Geoff Foster

Score Mixer: Alan Meyerson

Lead Orchestrator: Òscar Senén

Orchestrators: Nacho Cantalejo and Joan Martorell

Additional Orchestrator: Vladimir Tubić

Orchestra Conductor: Gavin Greenaway

Orchestral Leader: Thomas Bowes

Sequence Programming: Alejandro Moros

Choirmaster Ben Parry

Choir: London Voices

Orchestra & Choir Contractor: Isobel Griffiths

Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky

Librarians: Ann Barnard, Leo Nicholson and Jill Streater

Music Preparation: Global Music Service

Score Recordist: John Prestage

Score Editor: Chris Barrett

Score Mix Assistant: Jacob Johnston

Technical Score Engineer: Chuck Choi

Additional Engineering: Nolan Bacardi, Colby Donaldson and Soya Soo

Digital Instrument Design: Mark Wherry

Digital Instrument Preparation: Taurees Habib and Raul Vega

Studio Manager for Remote Control Productions: Jessica Gibson

Assistant to Hans Zimmer: Cynthia Park

Featured Musicians:

Clarinet: Nicholas Rodwell

Flute: Karen Jones

Percussion: Aleksandra Šuklar

Erhu: Karen Han

Woodwind: Pedro Eustache

Guzheng: Bei Bei Monter

Pipa: LiYun Wang

Score Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London

Abbey Road Studios Crew: Tom Ashpitel, Fiona Gillott, Kayla Hopkins and Al Russell

Score Recorded & Score Mixed at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica

Movie, 2024
Directed by Mike Mitchell


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