Cover of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - Music From The Motion Picture

Recording Credits

Soundtrack Album Produced by and Hans Zimmer

Executive in Charge of Music: Sunny Park

Score Cues by Hans Zimmer and

Additional Music: Lorne Balfe, Jim Dooley and Geoff Zanelli

Additional Arrangements: Ryeland Allison and Jacob Shea

Music Editor: Slamm Andrews

Assistant Music Editor: Ryan Rubin

Score Recorded by Geoff Forster

Score Assistant Engineers: Chris Barrett and John Barrett

Score Recorded at Air Lyndhurst Studios, Abbey Road Studios, London

Music Mixed by Alan Meyerson

Mix Assistand Engineer: Greg Vines

Additional Records by Slamm Andrews, Al Clay, Jeffrey Biggers, Kaita Lewin and Matt Ward

Score Technical Engineers: Thomas Broderick and Peter Oso Snell

Digital Instrument Design: Mark Wherry

Technical Assistant: Andrew Kawczynski

Score Conducted by Gavin Greenaway

Orchestra Leader: Peter Montague-Mason

Choir: The Purcell Singers

Choir Conductor: Mark Ford

Percussion: Luis Jardim

Marimbas: Frank Ricotti

Ethnic Woodwinds: Richard Harvey

Vocalists: Carmen Carter, Alvin Chea, Al Clay, Dee Clay, Lori Perry, Sharon Perry and Oren Waters

Music Coordinators: Charlene Ann Huang, Ken Smith, Jennifer Schiller and Vincent A. Villanueva

Music Production Services Provided by Steven Kofsky

Studio Manager: Czarina Russell Remote Control Productions

Score Preparation: Dakota Music, Ltd.

London Orchestral Contractor: Isobel Griffiths, Ltd.

Assistant Orchestral Contractor: Lucy Whalley

London Score Coordinator: Abie Lister

Score Coordinator for Hans Zimmer: Andrew Zack

Music Coordinator for Wendi Morris

Music Clearances: Julie Butchko

Music Business Affairs: Dan Butler and Liz McNicoll

Album Mastered by Louie Teran @ Marcussen Mastering

CD Cover and Package Design by Russell Robinson and Hans Zimmer would like to thank:
Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jimmy Iovine, Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath, Mireille Soria, Mark Swift, Sunny Park, Andy Nelson, H. Lee Peterson, Slamm Andrews, Colette Barber, Sacha Baron Cohen, Steve Berman, Tiffany Bordenave, Ben Burfield, Alison Burton, Claudius Bruese, Tonnie Chase, Ann Daly, Bill Damaschke, Dylan Dresdow, Martii Garcia, Anne Globe, Fred Goldring, Michael Gorfaine, Bobby Grant, Ken Hertz, Julie Hovsepian, Charlene Ann Huang, Padriac Kerin, Steven Kofsky, Sean Larkin, Nick Lauher, Christina Mansky, Polo Molina, Wendi Morris, George Pajon, Sara Ramaker, Chris Rock, Jeff Sanderson, Dante Santiago, Adam Schmidt, Sam Schwartz, Ben Stiller, Jada Pinket-Smith, Tony Seyler, Shalini Singh, Hillary Siskind, Noah Sorota, Caleb Speir, Chris Strong, James Wilke and Andrew Zack

A special thank to Suzanne Zimmer, The Mini Z's, Zoë Zimmer and Brigitte Zimmer

Additional Thanks:
Stephanie Carlisi, Wendy Christiansen, Monica Corton, Adam Ehrlich, Mark Finkelstein, Esther Friedman, Mack Hill, Rand Hoffman, Sonia Jauregui, Susan Bailey-Lemansky, Alan Skiena, Roger Tang, Pat Woods, Kevin Wong, Ike Youssef, Andrew Van Meter, Gretchen Anderson, Craig Marshall, Lisa Di Angelo, Chris Mortimer, Jennifer Bowling, Candace Berry, Tom Balla, Kerry Hickey, Ingrid Erickson, Greg Prink and Marsha Janetski

All Tracks by Hans Zimmer

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  • Total 0:33:13
  • Score 0:33:13
  • Hans 0:33:13
Movie, 2008


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