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Milan Records (1988)

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Liner Notes

Bernard Rose's "Paperhouse" about an 11-year-old English schoolgirl who grapples with her fears and conflicts by turning them into dreams that grow increasingly scary. Plays like "Nightmare on Elm Street" with brains. Suggesting a latter-day "Dreamchild" filtered through Bruno Bettelheim's "The Use of Enchantment". It begins with the girl (Charlotte Burke) drawing a house in a grassy plain, then inhabiting it in her sometimes fevered dreams. It's her way of controlling a world she increasingly perceives as unmanageable. Hovering uneasily on the brink of puberty, she has a jangly relationship with her mother (Glenne Headly) and resents the fact that her father (Ben Cross) has a job that requires him to be away a lot.

She sketches in a sad boy who can't walk (and thus is unthreatening), then pencils in things she thinks will make him happy. Sometimes the results are humorous, as when she provides an icecream machine, but forgets cones. When she adds her father to the drawing as a where knight, only to discover that he turns hostile and violent, she realtes, to her terror that she's in over her head. The interplay between the girl's dream and waking worms is adroitly realized by Rose, especially when he turns the imagers sinister. In this feature-film debut, he works his way with aplon into recesses that elude most film makers. "Paperhouse" is yet mother example of the enlightened and sophisticated energies that are making England such an interesting source of films these days.
Jay Carr, Globe Staff (The Boston Globe 9/15/88)

Hans Zimmer

HANS ZIMMER pioneered the use of state-of-the-art synthesisers and computer technology for creating film scores. Among many other credits, he is the composer responsible for the haunting music from "Moonlighting", "Castaway", "My Beautiful Laundrette" and "A World Apart". Most recently, he has worked on the soundtrack of Bertolucci's masterpiece "The Last Emperor".

Crucial to the film's success is a superb soundtrack, with a strong music score, but also heightened sound effects of great impact. — VARIETY, September 21 1988

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Cover of Paperhouse - Paperhouse

Recording Credits

Music Composed and Arranged by Hans Zimmer

Music Performed by Hans Zimmer and his Swinging Oscilators

Fairlight Series III – Moog 55 – Yamaha DX1, TX816 – Emu Modular System – Oberhiem Xpander – Roland MKS80

Technical Assistance: Dave Smith, Roger Bolton, Steve Paine, Allan Martin and Steve Rance

Music Recorded in London at Lillie Yard Studio and CTS Studios by Al Clay and Chris Dibble

Music Mixed at Lillie Yard by Al Clay and Hans Zimmer

assisted by Howard Bernstein

Film Sound FX Composed by Nigel Holland

Thanks to Tim Bevan for arriving at the right moment,

Jane Frazer for unfaultering support,

Sally Downing and Emma Burham for putting up with me,

Sarah Radclyffe for all her help,

Dan and MJ for enthusing,

Emmanuel and all at Milan, all at Working Title and Vestron,

Peter Maxwell, Mark August and Mick Bogis for making it sound great,

Sandra for crying at the right moment and

Al Clay for being bad!

Album Produced by Hans Zimmer

Bernard Rose would like to thank Stanley Kubrik for making great movies.

All Tracks by Hans Zimmer

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Movie, 1988
directed by Bernard Rose


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