Original MGM Motion Picture Score (Notefornote)


Notefornote Music (2018)

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Liner Notes

German-born composer Hans Zimmer's emergence from scoring European and the occasional independent American film out of a London studio in the 1980s happened via Barry Levinson's 1988 film, RAIN MAN. The story goes that Levinson and his wife, Diana were in London promoting his film GOOD MORNING VIETNAM. While there, Diana had gone to see the 1988 film A WORLD APART, an anti-apartheid drama directed by Chris Menges, which Zimmer had scored. She was especially taken by the music, so she bought a copy of the CD and gave it to Barry, who was likewise impressed – so much so that he began to use parts of that score as temporary music during post production on his new film, RAIN MAN.

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Cover of Rain Man - Original MGM Motion Picture Score (Notefornote)

Recording Credits

Music Composed and Produced by Hans Zimmer

Music Published by United Lion Music, Inc. (BMI)

Music Editors: Laura Perlman and James Flamberg

Music Recordists: Jay Rifkin and Al Clay

Music Coordinator: Tim Devine

Album Produced for Notefornote Music by Ford A. Thaxton, Jeff Ballinger and Bryon Davis

Executive Album Producer for Notefornote Music: Jacqueline Davis

Digitally Mastered by James Nelson at Digital Outland

Album Art Direction: Mark Banning

Special Thanks to Marc Miller, Lori Silfen, Mike Joffe and Mitchell Friedman

All Tracks by Hans Zimmer

Movie, 1988
directed by Barry Levinson


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