Cover of Something to Talk About - Original Motion Picture Score

Recording Credits

Music Composed by Hans Zimmer and Graham Preskett

Score Produced by Hans Zimmer and Jay Rifkin

Executive Producer: Robert Townson

Orchestrated by Bruce Fowler, Ladd McIntosh, Suzette Moriarty and Elizabeth Finch

Score Recorded/Mixed by Jay Rifkin and Alan Meyerson

Assisted by Gregg Silk, Slamm Andrews and Brad Haehnel

Music Editor: Laura Perlman

Album Compiled by Jeff Rona

Assistants to Hans Zimmer: Marc Streitenfeld, Emma Burnham and Rich Brigham

Music Recorded/Mixed at Media Ventures, Los Angeles & Oceanway Studio, Los Angeles

The Band

Piano: Mike Lang

Bass: Jimmy Johnson and Nathan East

Hammond B-3: John Van Tongeren

Drums: Carlos Vega and Russ Kunkel

Dobro: Greg Leisz

Guitars: Pete Haycock, Tim Pierce, Bob Daspit and Tim May

Violin, Harmonica: Graham Preskett

Banjo: Bill Knopf and Tim May

Percussion: Mike Fisher and Bob Zimmitti

Contractor: Patti Zimmitti

Thanks to: Paula Weinstein, Callie Khouri, Lasse Hallstrom, Sam Schwartz, Michael Gorfaine, Doug Frank, Gary LeMel, Mark Levy, Suzanne Zimmer and Zoë Zimmer

Equipment by Euphonix, Steinberg, Yamaha, Roland Spatializer

Movie, 1995
Directed by Lasse Hallström


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