Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)


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Written by Matthew Houck


Written by Pharrell Williams

  • Total 1:55:19
  • Score 1:24:56
  • Hans 1:41:24

Columbia Records (2014)

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Cover of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Deluxe Edition)

Recording Credits

Music Composed by Hans Zimmer and The Magnificent Six, feat. Pharrell Williams and Johnny Marr

The Magnificent Six:
Michael Einziger, Junkie XL, Andrew Kawczynski, Johnny Marr, Steve Mazzaro, Pharrell Williams, Arturo Sandoval, Czarina Russell, Andy Page, Adam Peters and Ann Marie Simpson

Soloists: Dominic Lewis, Tom Boyd, Stuart Clark, Randy Cooke, Steve Erdody, Walt Fowler, Satnam Ramgotra and Mario Reinsch

Additional Arrangements: Ann Marie Simpson

Score Produced by Stephen Lipson and Hans Zimmer

Score Published by Columbia Avenue Music, Inc. (ASCAP), admin. by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

Supervising Music Editor: Melissa Muik

Score Wrangler: Bob Badami

Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky

Music Editor: Nevin Seus

Assistant Music Editor: Catherine Wilson

Technical Engineer: Chuck Choi, Stephany McNally and Jacqueline Friedberg

Orchestrators: Bruce Fowler, Walt Fowler, Suzette Moriarty, Rhea Fowler and Kevin Kaska

Music Preparation: Booker T. White

Copyists & Librarians:
Chris Anderson Bazzoli, Brandon Bailo, Marshall Bowen, Leslie Buttars, Dave Christensen, Dave Giuli, Jennifer Hammond, Lisa Janacua, Valarie King, Frank Macchia, Martin McClellan, Aaron Meyer, Melissa Orquiza, Sasiwan Seiter, Karen Smith and Dave Wells

Orchestra Contractor: Peter Rotter

Score Recorded at Sony Scoring Stage, Culver City, CA

Band Recorded and Mixed by Stephen Lipson

Orchestra Recorded by Alan Meyerson

Additional Recordings by Daniel Kresco

Score Mix Assistant: Christian Wenger

Assistent Engineer on Additional Recordings: Seth Waldmann

Pro Tools Operator: Kevin Globerman

Score Mixed at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica, CA

Studio Manager for Remote Control Productions: Shalini Singh

Assistant to Hans Zimmer: Cynthia Park

Conducted by Nick Glennie-Smith

Concert Master: Belinda Broughton

Belinda Broughton, Julie Gigante, Charlie Bisharat, Jacqueline Brand, Andrew Bulbrook, Caroline Campbell, Darius Campo, Roberto Cani, Kevin Connolly, Bruce Dukov, Lorenz Gamma, Endre Granat, Jessica Guideri, Tamara Hatwan, Amy Hershberger, Benjamin Jacobson, Kevin Kumar, Natalie Leggett, Phillip Levy, Lisa Liu, Serena McKinney, Helen Nightengale, Joel Pargman, Alyssa Park, Sara Parkins, Katia Popov, Benjamin Powell, Rafael Rishik, Jay Rosen, Neil Samples, Ann Simpson, Kathleen Sloan, Lisa Sutton, Sarah Thornblade, Shalini Vijayan, Irina Voloshina and Steven Zander

Brian Dembow, Robert Brophy, Thomas Diener, Andrew Duckles, Alma Fernandez, Matt Funes, Shawn Mann, Luke Maurer, Darrin McCann, Victoria Miskolczy and David Walther

Steve Erdody, Jacob Braun, Eric Byers, Giovanna Clayton, Matthew Cooker, Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick, Vanessa Freebairn-Smith, Maurice Grants, Trevor Handy, Paula Hochhalter, Dennis Karmazyn, Suzie Katayama, Armen Ksajikian, Timothy Landauer, Victor Lawrence, Dane Little, Timothy Loo, Steve Richards, Kim Scholes, Christina Soule, David Speltz, Evgeny Tonkha, Cecilia Tsan, John Walz and Xiaodan Zheng

Bass: Nico Abondolo, Drew Dembowski, Stephen Dress, Edward Meares, Bruce Morgenthaler, David Parmeter and Michael Valerio

Flutes: Geraldine Rotella and Heather Clark

Clarinets: Stuart Clark, Donald Foster and Ralph Williams

Oboes: Tom Boyd and Lara Wicked

Bassoons: Rose Corrigan, Samantha Duckworth, Judith Farmer and Kenneth Munday

Horns: Andrew Bain, Mark Adams, Laura Brenes, Dylan Hart, Daniel Kelley, Jenny Kim and Gregory Roosa

Trumpets: David Washburn, Jon Lewis, Barry Perkins, Daniel Rosenboom, Arturo Sandoval and Christopher Still

Trombones: Alexander Iles, Steven Holtman and William Reichenbach

Tubas: Doug Tornquist and Gary Hickman

Percussion: Randy Cooke and Satnam Ramgotra

Sony Pictures and Columbia Records would like to thank:
Caroline Abs, Tim Ahlering, Kathy Baker, Josh Binder, Kimberly Boley, Will Botwin, Shelly Bunge, Candace Carlo, Valerie Caton, Wendy Christiansen, Kathy Cook, Roger Cramer, Top Dawg, John Fleckenstein, Esther Friedman, Paul Friedman, Michael Frisby, Jody Gerson, Scott Greer, Vickie Hall, Patrick Karnik, Jason Kawejsza, Don Kennedy, Joel Klaiman, Steve Kofsky, Paul Kremen, Ron Laffitte, David Lande, Meaghan Lyons, Debra MacCulloch, Catharine McNelly, Nicholas Naro, Amos Newman, Ashley Newton, Megan Oddsen, Peter Paterno, Nat Pastor, Raul Perez, Steve Plinio, April Pope, Tim Smith, Laurie Soriano, Rob Stringer, Anne Stulz, Sam Taylor, Mitch Tenzer, Caron Veazey and Mark Williams

Hans and the Band would like to thank:
Marc Webb, Pietro Scalia, Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal, Michael Lynton, Lia Vollack, Raul Perez, Bonnie Abaunza, Jillian Abood, Daniel Ackary, Billy Banyai, Tiffany Bordenave, Will Botwin, Kelly Bush, BeBe Lerner, Rae Murillo, Candace Carlo, Leland Cox, Riad Cutuk, Kathy Davis, Teri E. Dorman, Nick Douillard, James Doviak, Ari Emanuel, Luis Galdames, Jody Gerson, David Giammarco, Lee Gilmore, Peter Gorges, Hillary Hendler, Axel Hensen, Eddy Hernandez, Alex Kawczynski, Caz Lebracque, Ron Laffitte, Cynthia Lu, Christina Mansky, Dustin Marler, Angie Marr, Paul Massey, Jean Mazzaro, Rod Mazzaro, Amos Newman, Albert Nolasco, Eric A. Norris, Mark Onks, Ryan Ouchida, Stephen Paine, Bradley Rainey, Johnny Russell, Harry Russell, Rosie Russell, Beatriz Sequeira, Skrillex , Hamilton Sterling, Dave Stewart, Chris Strong, Sam Taylor, Addison Teague, Top Dawg, Caron Veazey, James Golfar, Trish Golfar, Max Golfar, Catherine Sanderson, Zoë Zimmer, Vicki Zimmer, Jake Zimmer, Annabel Zimmer, Max Zimmer and Suzanne Zimmer and everyone at Remote Control Productions

And a Special Thank You to Peter Asher

Soundtrack Producers: Hans Zimmer and Stephen Lipson

Executive in Charge of Music for Sony Pictures: Lia Vollack

Design: Dave Bett

Music Consultant: Randy Poster

All Tracks by Hans Zimmer

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  • Total 1:41:24
  • Score 1:24:56
  • Hans 1:41:24
Movie, 2014
directed by Marc Webb


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