Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Warner Bros. Records

Recording Credits

Music Composed by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard

Additional Music by Lorne Balfe

Ambient Music Design: Mel Wesson

Music Arranged by Henry Jackman

Music Published by Warner Olive Music LLC (ASCAP)

Album Produced by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard

Album Co-Produced by Alex Gibson and Lorne Balfe

Soloists: Ryeland Allison, Michael Levine, Heitor Pereira, Satnam Ramgotra and Martin Tillman

Synth Programming: Hans Zimmer and Howard Scarr

Sequencer Programming: Thomas Broderick, Jacob Shea and Noah Sorota

Music Editors: Alex Gibson and Daniel Pinder

Assistant Music Editor: Ryan Rubin

Technical Score Engineers: Peter Oso Snell and Stuart Thomas

Technical Assistant: Chris Bacon

Digital Instrument Design: Mark Wherry

Sample Development: Claudius Bruese, Zain Effendi and Michael Hobe

Orchestrators: Bruce Fowler, Jeff Atmajian, Brad Dechter, Elizabeth Finch, Kevin Kaska, Randy Kerber, Suzette Moriarty and Walt Fowler

Orchestra Contractor: Isobel Griffiths

Assistant Orchestra Contractor: Charlotte Matthews

Score Coordinator: Becky Bentham

Music Preparation: Mark Graham JoAnn Kane Music Service, Los Angeles, CA; Dakota Music, London, UK

Score Recorded at Air Lyndhurst, London, UK; Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica, CA; James Newton Howard Studios, Inc., Santa Monica, CA

Music Recorded by Geoff Forster

Assistant Engineer: Chris Barrett

Music Conducted by Matt Dunkley, Bruce Fowler and Gavin Greenaway

Orchestra Leader: Rose Warren-Green

Principal Viola: Peter Lale

Principal Cello: Anthony Pleeth

Principal Bass: Mary Scully

Percussion: Frank Ricotto, Gary Kettel and Paul Clarivs

Horn: Richard Watkins

Trumpet: Maurice Murphy

Trombone: Pete Davies

Tuba: Owen Slade

Synthesizers: Hans Zimmer

Piano: James Newton Howard and Simon Chamberlain

Music Production Services: Steven Kofsky

Score Mixed by Alan Meyerson

Score Mixed at Remote Control Productions, Santa Monica, CA

Additional Recording by Jeff Biggers

Assistant Engineers: Katia Lewin and Greg Vines

Album Compilation: Daniel Pinder

Album Mastered by Louie Teran at Marcussen Mastering Studios

Production Coordinator for Hans Zimmer: Andrew Zack

Scoring Coordinator for James Newton Howard: Pamela Sollie

Studio Manager for Remote Control Productions: Czarina Russell

Album Business Affairs: Keith Zajic, Marc Cimino and Lisa Margolis

Music Administration for Warner Bros. Pictures: Debi Streeter

Sleeve Art Direction and Design: Steven R. Gilmore

Special Thanks: Christopher Nolan, Alan Horn, Jeff Robinov, Kevin McCormick, Greg Silverman, Charles Roven, Emma Thomas and Thomas Tull

Hans Zimmer would like to thank: Tiffany Bordenave, Ben Burfield, Ronni Chasen, Sibylle Engel, Will Greig, Andrew Kawcynski, Allie Lee, Christina Mansky, Tom Rann, Jeff Sanderson, Adam Schmidt, Shalini Singh, Chris Strong and Helge Topka

Special thanks to Suzanne Zimmer, The Mini Z's, Zoë Zimmer and Brigitte Zimmer

James Newton Howard would like to thank: Annica Ackerman, Anouk Ackerman, [?] and Hayden Howard

Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard would like to thank: Christopher Nolan, Emma Thomas, Charles Roven, Lee Smith, Chris Barrett, Becky Betham, Alison Burton, Phil Cirocco, Fiona Cruickshank, Ramin Djawadi, Geoff Foster, Doug Frank, Michael Gorfaine, Isobel Griffiths, Urs Heckmann, Richard King, Steven Kofsky, Abbie Lister, Lisa Margolis and Sam Schwartz

Thanks: Rebecca Aguilar, Carter Armstrong, Ivona Belda, Maria Belli, Joseph Bille, Lori Blackstone, David Blaikley, Candace Carlo, Suzi Civita, Stephanie Comfort, Patti Connolly, Pamela Cresant, Kevin Delanoy, Suzanne Fritz, Diane Gascoigne, Kerrylyn Genetive, Jordan Goldberg, Danny Gould, Eileen Hale, David Hall, Dirk Herbert, Darren Higman, Carla Holt, Natalia Jacke, Gita Jackson, Ernie Johnston, Sue Kroll, Melisa Levine, Kris Little, Nigel McCorry, Kari Miazek, Kristin Moffett, Melissa Musson, Joe Palmer, Xavier Ramos, Susan Shapiro, Niki Sherrod, Jennifer Sink, Jodi Tack, Shane Thompson, Bobby Thornburg, Chris Trovero and Michele Wilcox

Cover of The Dark Knight - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

All Tracks by Hans Zimmer

1.   A Dark Knight
2.   A Little Push
3.   A Watchful Guardian
4.   Agent Of Chaos
5.   Aggressive Expansion
6.   Always A Catch
7.   And I Thought My Jokes Were Bad
8.   Bank Robbery (Prologue)
9.   Blood On My Hands
10.   Buyer Beware
11.   Chance
12.   Decent Men In An Indecent Time
13.   Gunpowder And Gasoline
14.   Halfway To Hong Kong
15.   Harvey Two-Face
16.   I Am The Batman
17.   I'm Not A Hero
18.   Introduce A Little Anarchy
19.   Like A Dog Chasing Cars
20.   Poor Choice Of Words
21.   Rorys First Kiss
22.   The Ferries
23.   Watch The World Burn
24.   We Are Tonights Entertainment
25.   Why So Serious?
26.   Why So Serious?
27.   You Complete Me
28.   You're Gonna Love Me
  • Total 2:26:28
  • Score 2:26:28
  • Hans 2:26:28
Movie, 2008
directed by Christopher Nolan


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