Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Elektra (1992)

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Cover of The Power of One - Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Recording Credits

Original Score by Hans Zimmer

Lyrics by Lebo M.

Arranged by Hans Zimmer and Lebo M.

Orchestrated by Bruce Fowler

Score Produced by Hans Zimmer, Lebo M. and Jay Rifkin

Co-Produced by Hilton Rosenthal

Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Precision Mastering


Choirmaster & Conductor Sally Stevens

Supervising Recording Engineer: Jay Rifkin

Music Editor: Laura Periman

Sample Programming and Digital Editing: Jeff Rona

Score Recorded by Michael Stevens at Media Ventures

Score Recorded by Noel Hazen at Oceanway

Score Recorded by Jesse Kanner at Groove Masters

Score Recorded by Eric Behrend at Cherokee

Mixed by Jay Rifkin at Media Ventures

American Support Team: Erik Loder, Nico Golfar and Geoff Ryle

South Africa

Choirmaster: George Gadebe

Choir Conducted by Lebo M. and Johnny Clegg

Recorded by Steve Price

Choir Samples Recorded by Fernando Perdigao and Neville Helmes

Additional on the spot Orchestration: Fiachra Trench

Southland Concerto and Senzenima Choirs Recorded by Richard Mitchell

South African Support Team: Bruce Fowler, Michael Kelly, Peter Thwaites, Hilton Rosenthal and Wessel Van Oudtshoorn


Choirmaster and Conductor: David Khabo

Recorded by Fernando Perdigao and Neville Holmes


Lebo M., Thuli Dumakudo, Ntomb'khona Diamini, Abner Mariri, Carmen Twillie, Ringo Mad Iingozi, Stella Khumalo and Mandisa Dianga


Percussion: Mike Fisher

Flute: Brice Martin

Pennywhistle: Duzi Magwaza

Keyboards: Hans Zimmer

Package Design: Frank Gargiulo hello studio

All Tracks by Hans Zimmer

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  • Total 0:30:28
  • Score 0:30:28
  • Hans 0:30:28
Movie, 1992
directed by John G. Avildsen


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