Cover of The Rock - Original Motion Picture Score

Recording Credits

Music Composed and Produced by Nick Glennie-Smith, Hans Zimmer and Harry Gregson-Williams

Music Conducted by Nick Glennie-Smith, Bruce Fowler and Don Harper

Additional Music by Don Harper and Steven Stern

Orchestrated by Bruce Fowler, Suzette Moriarty, Ladd McIntosh, Walt Fowler and Dennis Dreith

"The Rock" Guitars by Bob Daspit

"The Roll" Guitars by Michael Thomson and Michael Stevens

Score Recorded by Alan Meyerson and Bruce Botnick

Score Mixed by Alan Meyerson

Recording Assistants: Gregg W. Silk and Brian Richards

Paramount Recordist: Paul Wertheimer

Additional Engineering by Marc Streitenfeld

Music Editors: Bob Badami and John Finklea

Assistant Music Editors: Shannon Erbe and Sienna Pascarella

Music Contractor: Sandy De Crescent

Music Preparation: Dominic Fidelibus

Score Wrangler: Emma Burnham

Assistants to Hans Zimmer: Marc Streitenfeld and Justin Burnett

Score Recorded at Media Ventures, Sony, Paramount

Album Compiled by Marc Streitenfeld and Nick Glennie-Smith

Mastered at A&M Mastering

Executive Soundtrack Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer

Executive in Charge of Music for The Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group: Kathy Nelson and Bill Green

Executive in Charge of Soundtracks for Hollywood Records: Mitchell Leib

Special Thanks to
Jan Glennie-Smith, Jerry Bruckheimer, Michael Bay, Jay Rifkin, Bob Badami, Tom Bocci, Sam Schwartz, Mike Gorfaine, James Newton Howard, Mark Levy, Suzanne Zimmer, Zoë Zimmer and Angie Rubin and The Media Ventures Gang, Squirt

Equipment: Euphonix, Steinberg Cubase, Yamaha, Fairlight

All Tracks by Hans Zimmer

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  • Total 1:46:27
  • Score 1:46:27
  • Hans 1:46:27
Movie, 1996
directed by Michael Bay


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